The Overlook seminar invites a range of international experts to speak to the class. Guest lectures are open to the public, providing a forum for the community to learn about and discuss the seminar topic.

2017: Waste

Information on Seminar Speakers in 2017 Coming Soon.

2016: Animals as Landscape Agents of Change

Crystal Grinnell

Water Resources Engineer, Biohabitats

Beavers: Wetland construction and groundwater recharge

Karen Lewis

Associate Professor of Architecture, Knowlton School of Architecture, The Ohio State University

Artful data: Designing the interpretation and visual communication of research

Joseph Guthrie

Conservation Biologist, Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architecture

Bears: Structural changes in the landscape and trophic cascades

James Gibbs

Professor of Vertebrate Conservation Biology, SUNY ESF; Director, Roosevelt Wildlife Station; Adjunct scientist, Galapagos Conservancy

Leaving tracks: Lessons from the field

Clive Jones

Terrestrial ecologist, Carey Institute of Ecosystem Studies

General principles for predicting change and co-creating with animals

Alex Felson

Assistant professor, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies; Director, Urban Ecology and Design Laboratory

Designed experiments: Artful monitoring for ecosystem change

2015: Watershed Moment

Pat McDowell

Department of Geography, University of Oregon

Fluvial and eolian geomorphology, effects of human impacts on streams and watersheds

Katherine Rinne

California College of Art

Water infrastructures: potable water and sanitation in Rome

David Rubin

Land Collective

Design with water in the works of Land | Collective

Jason King

Herrera & TERRA.fluxus

Hidden Hydrology: using design to reveal ecological truths

Kevin Nute

Vital Architecture

The phenomenology of water

2014: Landscapes of Power

Land Art Generator InitiativeElizabeth Monoian and Robert Ferry: Regenerative Infrastructures

Robert Ferry & Elizabeth Monoian are the founders of the Land Art Generator Initiative, and partners in the design firm StudiedImpact.

The Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) aims to design and construct public art installations that have the added benefit of utility-scale clean energy generation.

LAGI presents the power plant as public artwork, simultaneously enhancing the environment, increasing livability, providing a venue for learning, and stimulating local economic development. By nature of their functional utility, LAGI designs combine overlapping disciplines from architecture and urban design to mechanical engineering and environmental science. This interdisciplinary result has the effect of both enhancing the level of innovation and broadening the audience for the work.

2013: Out of the Woods

Jerry Franklin

Professor of Ecosystem Analysis at the College of Forest Resources, University of Washington, Seattle

Chris Maser

Forest Ecology and Social – Environmental Sustainability

Michael Nelson

Professor of Environmental Ethics and Philosophy

H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest Writers-in-Residence program

Lindsay Reaves

Forestry Educator, FTF

The Bauman Tree Farm

Nicole Strong

Assistant Professor, Forest Ecosystems & Society Department

Oregon State University

Fred Swanson

Research Geologist

HJ Andrews Experimental Forest Long Term Ecological Research

Jenna Tilt

Assistant Professor, Geography, Environmental Sciences, and Marine Resource Management, Oregon State University